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2021-2022 classes

are coming soon!

2021-2022 Classes (featuring our new TTK Math Program) and Summer Clubs are coming soon!

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Image by Stefany Andrade

The Thinking Series

First Semester

  • Museums Around the World: Art, Artifacts, and Science Revealed

  • The Golden Rule and World Religions

  • Mystery Solved!

Second Semester

  • Lives of the Great Composers

  • Globetrotting!

  • How do Heroes Think?

  • Brain Games

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Kids Reading Outdoor

Literature Studies

“So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray, 

Go throw your TV set away, 

And in its place you can install, 

A lovely bookshelf on the wall.” 

-- Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


If you appreciate beauty and the gift of language, then you will want to give this series of literature classes to your child. We have thoughtfully chosen this literature from the best books- those books that create memories and stimulate imagination while teaching life lessons. Children will be asked to read these books, either by themselves, with an audiobook, or with their parents. During class, we will have fun exploring new vocabulary and discussing the characters and stories. Books give us the wonderful opportunity to live vicariously, taking risks, making decisions, and following paths to see where they will lead, without experiencing the real consequences. What better way is there to learn about people and choices than to read, read, and read some more?

First Semester

  • Imagination

  • Kindness

  • Animals

  • Family

Second Semester

  • Bravery and Adventure

  • Wise Choices

  • Determination

  • Thoughtfulness and Compassion

Image by Hannah Olinger

Language Lessons: Spelling, Grammar, and Beginning Composition

“ When you're teaching kids to write, you're teaching them to think. Writing is the window through which all thinking starts.”

--Sheryl Block


You’ll be amazed at the strides your children will make in their spelling, dictation, penmanship, and compositional skills as they progress through our Language Arts series. Each year, students will study 540 different spelling words, complete weekly dictation exercises, and learn basic compositional grammar, giving the foundation needed to be successful writers. Students will build their skills to the point at which they can write a 5 paragraph essay, with strong structure and correct grammar. We will distribute worksheets and composition assignments to be completed throughout the week and stored in your child’s binder in preparation for your portfolio review. 

TTK Language Arts classes are challenging and fun, leading your child to greater success in all their subjects!

Note: Though this series is planned to progress in difficulty throughout the year, students are welcomed to join in mid-year. We are happy to customize the experience for each student. 

First Semester

  • Advanced Language Lessons A

  • Advanced Language Lessons B

  • Advanced Language Lessons C

  • Advanced Language Lessons D

Second Semester

  • Advanced Language Lessons E

  • Advanced Language Lessons F

  • Advanced Language Lessons G

  • Advanced Language Lessons H


History: Explorers and

Expansion into New Worlds

“Study the past if you would define the future”


Materials: This book will be used as a reference for all our History classes, grades 2-5.

The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History


First Semester

  • Empires, Rebellions, and the New World

  • Battles, Plagues, and Fire- Oh No!

  • Prussia, Russia, and New Discoveries

  • India, China, and The American Revolution

Second Semester

  • The American Constitution, Captain Cook, and Catherine the Great

  • Inventions and Empires

  • Freedom Reigns!

  • A World of Unrest

A Young Scientist looking through a micr


“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

-- Marie Curie

First Semester

  • DIY Science

  • Animal Survival: All about Animal Habitats and Food Chains

  • Forces and Motion

Second Semester

  • Reading and Recording Scientific Results

  • What's the Matter?

  • Green Thumb Science

Grades 4-5 Google Calendar. Check it out!

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