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Showbie: What and How

All of our classes here at

The Thinking Kid utilize Showbie, a single online platform where students can access their assignments and class discussions for all their TTK classes. Showbie is new, and we are very excited to start with it here at The Thinking Kid!

How Showbie Works

Step One

First open From this screen, select Sign Up for Free (on the bottom-right of the page).

Step 1.png
Step 2.png

Step Two

Select I'm a Student

Step Three

Choose how you would like your child to sign up. We personally recommend signing up with a username.

Step 3.png
Step 4.png

Step Four

You can then enter your child's information in the form. Email is optional, but, should they choose to enter theirs, they can get email notifications from Showbie about what is happening in their classes.


Completed sign up form!

Step 4 (b).png
Step 5.png

Step Five

After they have chosen a password and continued to the following page, they can join a class.

Step Six

After entering a code and selecting Join Class, you will see this screen. From this final screen, your child can join another class or select other classes to view assignments, folders, and discussions.

Step 6.png
Step 7.png

Step Seven

To view inside a class, select anywhere on the box where the class name is listed. From there, you can select folders, assignments, or the Class Discussion to start participating and preparing for class.

Microsoft Teams

Here at TTK,  we utilize Microsoft Teams for our online classes. Click Here for directions on how to join a Microsoft Teams meeting.


That's all there is to it! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to technical support at We are more than happy to help! You can also join Showbie as a parent so you can see your child's progress. If you are interested in viewing their progress in this class, please contact either technical support or your child's instructor. You will receive a code to join your child on Showbie.

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