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At TTK, we believe everyone should have access to adventure learning. In an effort to maintain our mission during COVID-19, we are offering all of our Virtual Field Trips free. Join us!


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Dissecting a Cow Eye

With Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

Get your goggles on! Dissect a cow eye to understand how each structure works to provide the sense of sight, just like a human eye. After the program, work with your class on a series of optical illusions to see how your eyes and brain work together to bring you visual messages.

  • Date: Monday, July 26, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades 3-8

  • Length: 45 minutes

Native Drums

Let’s Play Indigenous Games!

With Penn Museum

People across the globe and throughout time have participated in and continue to play sports and games! Using artifacts, we will learn about the rules and significance of Indigenous games from North, Central, and South America and how they connect to modern games still played today.

  • Date: Tuesday, July 27, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

Pop Culture Through Baseball Cards

With National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

Explore the exciting beginnings of baseball cards, their connection to tobacco and gum products, and their evolution into the modern-day baseball card! Students will also learn about baseball terminology that has become part of everyday conversation in the classroom and workplace.

  • Date: Wednesday, July 28, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades 4-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

Image by Mathew Schwartz

Animal Architects

With North Carolina Zoo

Join us as we discover some of the creative ways animals build their homes, nests, or community housing. Plan for lots of fun and exciting explorations!

  • Date: Friday, July 30, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-5

  • Length: 45 minutes

Think Like an Anthropologist

With Penn Museum

Do you like detective work? Artifacts share clues that help us learn about world cultures. Step into the role of an anthropologist to unpack interesting information that artifacts can tell us, just by using your eyes. Learn the skills to de-code secrets about artifacts by closely observing, questioning, and talking about them. Bring along a pencil and a paper to track your field notes as we look closely at objects related to the ancient skies.

  • Date: Tuesday, August 3, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

Image by Sung Shin
Image by Simon Berger

Preparing For Eternity: False Doors

With Penn Museum

What did the inside of an ancient Egyptian tomb look like? What did people take with them into the afterlife? Students learn about hieroglyphs, tomb offerings, and false doors—ancient Egyptian passageways between the worlds of the living and the dead. Students then create their own false doors by drawing hieroglyphs, ancient Egyptian art motifs, and the things they’d take to the afterlife.

  • Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

A Day in the Life of a School Girl in Nairobi

With Penn Museum

Catch a plane to Africa! Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city in the heart of East Africa. Hear about it from someone who grew up there! Let Grace Ndicu be your guide as you see the sights (the daily commute to school, time on the playground, extracurricular activities), play some Kenyan games, and meet people, ranging from city dwellers to the suburbanites. Students engage in actual activities drawn from student life in Kenya and discuss the characteristics of a “home.” Discover how much meaning can be found in the simplest activities of your daily life.

  • Date: Tuesday, August 17, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

Image by Toby Wong
Image by Timo Wielink

Mapping the World Around Me

With Penn Museum

Did you know there was a science to map making, called “cartography”? By looking closely at maps, you can learn more about how people visually interpreted the land they interacted with over time. Investigate key features that help you read most maps and discover elements that make each map unique alongside a Museum educator. Then practice your hand as a cartographer by designing a map of your own that celebrates your community or favorite space.

  • Date: Tuesday, August 24, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

Objects of Protection: Incantation Bowls

With Penn Museum

Incantation bowls were made in the Middle East roughly 1,500 years ago and were used to protect people from evil. The designs and text were meant to confuse and trap evil spirits. Join Museum educators to learn how they were used, then create your own incantation bowl to bring you good luck and keep bad things away!

  • Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

Image by Raimond Klavins