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Young People's Concerts

About the Program:

With the National Symphony Orchestra.

The National Symphony Orchestra's Young People's Concerts are full orchestra concerts for school groups, grades 3-8. Each season, these performances / demonstrations introduce students to the instruments and musicians of the orchestra, as well as musical concepts and curated selections from the orchestral repertoire that connect to educational themes.

Learning Goals

"Inspiration: Big Ideas Make for Big Music"


The music of great composers has inspired books, plays, poetry, and even the neighbor's dog! Discover how composers come up with fresh ideas as you learn all about musical INSPIRATION!

During the performance, students will hear the following works:

  • Prokofiev - “The Montagues and the Capulets” from Romeo and Juliet, Suite No. 2

  • Vivaldi - “Summer” from The Four Seasons Presto (Finale)

  • Smetana - The Moldau

  • Friedman - The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations Millennium General Assembly

  • Elgar - Enigma VariationsIII. R.B.T.VI. YsobelXI. G. R. S.

  • Shostakovich - Finale from Symphony No. 10

  • Gershwin - Cuban Overture


Before watching, read the performance guide!

Learning Goals

"Reach for the Moon" | Celebrating JFK's Vision and Courage


During the broadcast, the NSO will perform:

  • English composer Gustav Holst’s tribute to the red planet (The Planets, Op. 32: “Mars, the Bringer of War”)

  • American composer Mason Bates’s re-imagining of an astronaut’s spacewalk (“Gemini in the Solar Wind” from The B-Sides for orchestra and electronica)

  • Music by two of the world’s greatest composers—Johann Sebastian Bach (Violin Concerto in A minor, finale) and Ludwig van Beethoven (Symphony No. 5, 1st mvmt.)

  • John Ireland’s stirring march written for the British people during World War II (Epic March)

  • John Williams’s famous film score that captures an epic, intergalactic clash between good and evil (Star Wars, Main Title Theme)

Before the concert, read the performance guide!

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