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Virtual Tutoring

Our Mission

Online Class

Is your child struggling with their subjects? Looking for a little help? TTK is here to help with our one-on-one virtual tutoring.


TTK tutors support students by adjusting to their learning styles and assessing their understanding, encouraging them to challenge themselves while progressing comfortably. They collaborate with parents to achieve academic goals, nurture a love for learning, and provide a supportive growing environment

Your Needs in Mind

TTK Tutors:

  • Work with your schedule

  • Adjust to your student’s personal learning style

  • Provide specific direction and challenges to enhance learning

  • Help students overcome obstacles and achieve their goals 


After signing up for a session, please complete the form below so our tutor can best address your child's needs.



Father and daughter at computer

Parents: We ask that an adult be available during the session to assist as necessary.

Tutors: You will be provided with a Zoom license during the session, and must record for security purposes. You will create a goal-specific plan to achieve the learning goal provided by the parent given the sessions purchased. You will communicate with the parent after the session(s) to provide insight on how the student did and what they should practice until the next session. These emails/briefings should be simple and specific. You will provide the student with a habit or challenge that will continue to foster their interest in the subject you tutor.

Prices: Totals and Breakdowns

1 Half-Hour Session

Total Fee: $24

Per Session: $24

1 One-Hour Session

Total Fee: $36

Per Session: $36

3 Half-Hour Sessions

Total Fee: $66

Per Session: $22

3 One-Hour Sessions

Total Fee: $105

Per Session: $35

5 Half-Hour Sessions

Total Fee: $100

Per Session: $20

5 One-Hour Sessions

Total Fee: $160

Per Session: $32

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