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Empower Your Child's Education Journey with The Thinking Kid Academy

Interactive, personalized online classes for busy homeschooling families. 

Interested? Contact us to receive our FAQs and our intake process:

Thanks for your interest. We'll be in touch shortly

Our Approach To Homeschooling

Classroom Experience

Our small, peer-based classes ensure no child is left behind. Perfect for children needing a challenge or personalized support with teachers who truly care for their well-being.

Curriculum & Values

We encourage students to embrace a journey of discovery and critical thinking. Our secular and integrity-based environment fosters a diverse and inclusive community where open-mindedness and cultural appreciation are at the core. We invite families seeking a secular homeschooling approach to join us in nurturing educated, well-rounded individuals.

Support For Families New To Homeschooling

The Thinking Kid Academy works with those transitioning from public and private school settings into the home. As a parent or guardian, you remain in control, designing a custom education path that fits your child's needs. We handle the details, making a well-rounded education not just a goal, but a reality for your family. View our process.

Student Successes

Our program, tailored for families valuing education deeply, addresses common concerns about homeschooling's efficacy. Our students have transitioned to prestigious institutions and programs, like St. Mary's Ryken High and the National Symphony Orchestra Fellowship, showcasing the robustness of our educational approach.

Consider our Diploma package, a comprehensive series of subjects at a discounted price.

Put your child ahead of the curve. Prepare them for life.

Prepare them to succeed with The Thinking Kid.  

Hear from Parents:

“I just found out about this learning academy and the more I research it, the more excited I am becoming about getting my kids started on this journey of learning and exploration. Thank you for this great resource!”

—  Xaviera, parent

Customize Your Child's Learning

Custom schedule

Choose a class

We offer classes in critical thinking, literature, language arts, history, science, humanities, and global studies. We are happy to provide guidance
and recommendations.

Log on

You can take a class on any device in any location with the link posted in your child's Showbie account. There, students can collaborate in class discussions and access all of their course material.

Let us know

If the class is too easy or too challenging for your child, we can move them up or down to accommodate their needs and ensure their pathway to success is made possible.

Our Vision

To stimulate youth to become confident creative thinkers through a comprehensive interactive education, ultimately emerging as leaders of thought in their communities and the world.

Our Mission

Enriching young minds with unwavering values, global awareness, and clear communication skills through a creative academic experience.

Why parents and students love us


Ratings from parents


Increasing availability in Europe and East Asia


Hours taught

Students 6–16

Individualized for every child

Not ready yet?

Don't worry, we've got your back.


Answer a few questions about your educational goals for your child.


We'll suggest a curriculum with no cost to you.


Test it out and keep in contact with us.

transparent_Icon Color.png

We look forward to learning with you!


100% refund if not 100% satisfied!* We want your child's class experience to be outstanding. If they attend their first class and you find that it's not a suitable match for them, we will work with you to help find a better match. If you find decide the new match is not suitable either, we guarantee a 100% refund.

*Refunds must be requested before the second class has taken place.

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