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OUR MISSION is to provide affordable, high quality online classes for children ages 7-13. Our classes, called "clubs", are held in an online classroom and are led by hand-picked instructors with passions for their subjects and online learning.

OUR GOAL is to work with you to build your child into a confident, innovative thinker with the skills and confidence to impact the world!

At TTK, we are passionate about ACCESSIBILITY to learning. We keep our prices low because we believe every child deserves access to affordable learning. Class materials are also kept at a minimum.

*The Thinking Kid is pending status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.*

What Are TTK Clubs?

TTK Clubs are broken into weekly online "club sessions". Each club session lasts one hour and takes place in an online classroom. Your child will login to their classroom by clicking a personalized link received via email. Learn more here.

We believe in hands-on learning! All club sessions include hands-on projects, experiments, multimedia, and presentations. Students will also prepare and share presentations on subjects of their choice.

What Will TTK Do For Your Child?

At TTK, your child will develop their communication skills! They will participate in webcam conversations during club sessions, and they will learn how to present in writing and through multimedia. They will have multiple opportunities to present during club sessions!

At TTK, your child will learn how to collaborate with others and participate in conversations on many subjects! They will gain friends, study buddies, and role models in a SAFE, actively-monitored online environment.

Through TTK, your child will develop a passion for learning! Learning has no boundaries. As such, we do not limit our clubs to traditional subjects. From "Pirates" to "Botany" to "Animals in Music", and more, the sky is the limit!

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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

― Socrates

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