Club Captain:


You are about to make a difference in a child’s life! The efforts of a teacher never go unrewarded, as they are remembered for years to come as students go on to teach their own children! Thank you for taking this step to become a Club Captain!


Please keep in mind that you may choose to be a Club Captain if:

1. You have experience in this area as a vocation or hobby.

2. You simply have an interest in learning more about this area and it sounds like a fun club to captain. It is more important to us that you have a passion to learn and teach than that you have expertise, as you can gain the expertise on the way.


5 Simple Steps to becoming a Club Captain:


1. Choose which club you would love to lead. You may choose from one of the clubs listed on the website or create one of your own clubs that highlights your expertise or interest.


2. Complete and submit Club Captain Profile. Once approved, we will email you a Club Captain Information packet with all the details you need to know to prepare your club.


3. Attend live Getting Started with Zoom training to learn how to manage the technology. These training meetings are 30-minutes long and are available all week long at a variety of times.


4. Plan your class syllabus. Create a Super Learning Packet of extra resources for students to explore.


5. Present a 30-minute “dress rehearsal” club meeting to one of the TTK staff along with a proposal of the teaching points for each weekly Club Meeting and your Super Learning Packet. We will give you a few last tips and answer any questions you may have at this time.


That’s it! You are off and running! Prepare for a super fun teaching experience!


Once you Captain once, we guarantee you will want to do it again! You will only need to complete steps 1, 2, and 5 for each additional club you choose to teach.



A few more things to know:


  • Once approved as a Captain, you will be given a TTK email account. All communication with students and parents will happen through this email account. Parents must be cc’d on every email.


  • All club meetings must be recorded (as simple as pushing a button on the screen) and emailed to georgia@thethinkingkid.org. These will be archived for evaluation and security purposes.


  • Each week, clubs will be randomly chosen by TTK to be evaluated by Club Evaluators. This will allow TTK to offer real-time feedback and assistance if needed.


  • New club offerings must be submitted 4 weeks in advance of the club start date. This will allow time for students to discover and register for your club.



  • As you continue to teach, you will gain rank in TTK, which will be posted next to your name on the TTK site. This will allow parents to know which teachers have more experience. 

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