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Managing your Child's Education with TTK

Creating your plan for your child’s education is a bit like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; it can be too little, too much, or it may, if you are lucky, be just right. After homeschooling for so many years, I have accomplished all three. 


When I started managing my children’s education, I started by doing too much. When the children groaned, I stood my ground. They still reminisce about some of the drier parts of my plan; “Do you remember when Mom made us outline the history book? That was horrible.” My daughter has finished graduate school, and she still remembers this very boring assignment. I’ve tried it all, I’ve made my mistakes, and I have found that less is more. Going for quality rather than quantity is the answer. 


With TTK, we offer one intense hour of live interactive instruction in each subject each week. Along with that class comes assignments and sources which allow the students to dig deeper into the material. Our classes cover all the subjects, except Math, needed for a wholly educated child. ** 

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TTK Curriculum for Ages 6-11

Thinking Series

  • Character Study

  • Critical Thinking

  • Global Explorations

  • The Humanities


Language Arts

  • Penmanship

  • Spelling

  • Composition

  • Journaling

  • Literature

  • Poetry Studies

  • Vocabulary



  • Ancient Civilizations

  • Egyptian Empire

  • Greek and Mythology

  • Rome

  • Explorers and the New World

  • Battles, Plagues, and Fire - Oh No!

  • New Discoveries, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire

  • India, China, and the American Revolution

  • Inventions and Empires

  • Freedom Reigns

  • A World of Unrest


  • The Solar System

  • Wonders of Water

  • Vertebrates

  • Basics in Human Health

  • What is Space?

  • Wacky Weather

  • DIY Science

  • Animal Habitats and Food Chains

  • Forces and Motion

  • Are You a Super Science Detective?

  • What's the Matter?

  • Green Thumb Science

Kid's Playing Outdoor
Smiling Student

TTK Curriculum for Ages 11-16

Thinking Series

  • Leadership

  • Ethics

  • Logic

  • Etiquette

Language Arts

  • Grammar

  • Advanced Composition

  • Literature Analysis

  • The Great Books

  • Vocabulary Study


  • American and World History - (literature-based)

  • Economics

  • Government Studies

  • World History


  • Rockin' Away - Geology

  • The Name's Bond, Ionic Bond - Chemistry

  • Dissections

  • Animal Specializations

  • Genetics

  • Astronomy


  • Intro to Philosophy

  • Global Religions

  • The Humanities - (music and art as reflected in history)

One might think that one class is not enough, however, with online classes, we have no disciplinary issues, no interruptions, no busywork, and small classes (max of 12), all of which allows students to participate fully. The results: your child will have a quality education for a fraction of the price of private schools and other online academies.


Because your child’s education includes more than academic subjects it is important that we allow our children time to independently learn and explore, as well as exercise, help around the house, and play with friends. 

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A Full and Beautiful Day of Learning

I encourage you to register your child for the full TTK program. As teachers, we work together to complement and balance each other's classes, customizing the TTK program to be just right for your child. Join us for the adventure! You will be glad you did!

**For Math, there are many fantastic curriculum options; our personal favorite is Teaching Textbooks. They do all the work for you and my kids love it!

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