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Hip Hop Dancer on Stage

Hip Hop to da Head

About the Program:

Drop that beat with Full Circle Soul.

This performance explores the Hip Hop dance and music movement including beatboxing, breaking, locking, floor work and top rock. As you watch, stay focused on your purpose for viewing. Find out what the different elements of Hip Hop are and what influenced its development. Also, keep a list of the different terms that the performers use to describe their dances and movements. After each part of the performance, sum up what you have learned.

Before you get started, think of what you already know about the Hip Hop movement. Keep this in mind as you watch the performance.

After Watching


  • What are the different aspects of locking?

  • What is “B-boyin” or “B-Girlin?”

  • Why is the Hip Hop movement so appealing to so many?

Critical Thinking

  • How can you “bring your character to your dance?”

  • In what ways can the Hip Hop movement lead to multi-generational discussions and interaction?

Quiz Yourself!

  • What types of dance influenced the development of Top Rock?

  • What are some of the pieces of equipment needed to DJ and play hip hop music?

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