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Yoga at the Pond

Yoga at the Pond


Wind, water and living creatures serve to guide the flow and forms of our yoga practice as we emulate and learn about the life that thrives and survives in a freshwater pond. This virtual biome is the ideal source to support calming and modifying of our minds and bodies as we "commune" with an ideation of nature. Various musical selections are played and visual imagery is evoked during the practice to enhance the effect of connecting with and revering Nature. Most of the session is done lying prone, sitting or kneeling on the floor, so every participant should wear comfortable, stretchable clothing, and have a yoga mat or an even floor padding to facilitate the ease and comfort of their experience.

  • Date: Monday, March 21, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades 3-10

  • Length: 45 minutes

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