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Mythological Whereabouts

Mythological Whereabouts


Mythological Whereabouts

Week-Long Club


We’re heading out! We’ve got to go to Greece and meet King Midas for tea and the Minotaurs for dinner. Then we need to catch our plane to Russia and meet Baba Yaga (yeesh!) and explore her chicken-legged house! So many things to do! Myths come from all around the world and began thousands and thousands of years ago. Early people would explain strange experiences through myths, and when writing was invented, they were written down! Here we’re touring the whereabouts of myths from all around the world: China, Italy, Africa, the New World, Japan—you name it! Grab your suitcase!

  • Instructor: Anna Bonney

  • Dates: Monday through Friday, June 7-11

  • Time: 12-1 PM ET

  • Price: $40

  • Ages: 8-12

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