Below the Equator

Below the Equator


Below the Equator

Week-Long Club


Jump on this plane if you’re exploding with adventure! Our journey will take us below the equator, from the shadow lands of Africa, to the unbelievable down under in Australia, to the beautiful mountains of South America, and ending at the freezing, penguin-filled Antarctica! But this journey is not to be seen from the train or bus window—we are going to dive all in! We will dance to new music, create our own pets, build our own Aztec ruins, and take a swim at the South Pole! Be prepared for this hands-on, knee-deep adventure as we begin with our best foot forward!

  • Instructor: Eve Babb

  • Dates: May 31-June 4

  • Time: 7-8 PM ET

  • Price: $40

  • Ages: 6-10