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Math: Batter Up!

Math: Batter Up!


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With National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum


It's the final day of the 1941 season and Ted Williams' batting average is .39955. What will he do? Sit this one out and guarantee an historic .400 season or take a chance and aim for mathematic immortality? Find the answer to this and other exciting stories in a dugout full of whole numbers, fractions and decimals, percentages, proportions and problem solving. Fun for fifth-graders and above, this thematic unit teaches fundamental concepts that connect the calculator and the clubhouse while learning, using and interpreting the statistics of famous ballplayers. Computation is the key in determining batting averages and slugging percentages. Will it be a single, double, triple or home run? It all depends on the hitter's math skills in this interactive game where long division and the long ball are one and the same. Batter up!


  • Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades 4-9

  • Length: 45 minutes

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