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Fiction Series: Part Two

Fiction Series: Part Two


The Cay: Phillip is excited when the Germans invade the small island of Curaçao. War has always been a game to him, and he’s eager to glimpse it firsthand—until the freighter he and his mother are traveling to the United States on is torpedoed. When Phillip comes to, he is on a small raft in the middle of the sea. Besides Stew Cat, his only companion is an old West Indian, Timothy. By the time the castaways arrive on a small island, Phillip’s head injury has made him blind and dependent on Timothy.


Walk the World’s Rim: In 1527, a fleet of Spanish ships sails from Cuba to explore Florida. Of the 600 passengers, only four survive. They are Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, Alonso del Castillo Maldonado, Andrés Dorantes and Dorantes’ slave, Esteban. They stay alive by taking on the roles of medicine men for the Native Americans of the Gulf Coast. The story follows a 14-year-old Native American boy that follows three Spaniards and their slave through Indian territory to Mexico.

Materials Needed:

The Cay, by Theodore Taylor

Walk the World's Rim, by Betty Lou Baker

  • Instructor: Ms. Eve Babb

  • Dates: Wednesdays, January 4 - 25 (4 weeks)

  • Time: 8-8:45 PM ET

  • Price: $32

  • Ages: 11 and above

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