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Fiction Series: Part Two

Fiction Series: Part Two


Elantris by Brandon Sanderson is an intriguing novel that explores moral, social, political, and religious topics relevant to us. He explores both the dividing and unifying aspects of our lives. The dangers in extreme thought, and the value in working together with patience and understanding. In a post-major pandemic world, the idea of a dangerous and contagious disease sweeping through a nation is uniquely relevant to our lives.  Elantris is especially thought-provoking for that reason.

Materials Needed:

Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson

  • Instructor: Ms. Kait Kaiser

  • Dates: Thursdays, December 2 - February 10 (11 weeks)

  • Time: 9-9:45 PM ET

  • Price: $68.75

  • Ages: 13 and above

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