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In a family, sometimes the craziest of things happen. So, what do we do? In class, let’s find out together (because there are a lot of answers!). As we take a close look at two wildly different families, we’ll discover what helps them overcome difficulties and come out on top. Join us in the elevator, we promise there’s still room!


  • Day and Time: Monday, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET
  • Class Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Dates: November 11, 2024 - December 9, 2024
    • No class November 25 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • Recommended for: Ages 6+ / Grades 2-3
  • Teacher: TTK Faculty
  • Required materials: 
    • The Elevator Family, by Douglas Evans

    • All of A Kind Family, by Sydney Taylor


The Elevator Family, by Douglas Evans
For the Wilson family, only the best will do! So when they arrive at the San Francisco Hotel and discover that there are no available rooms, they decide to stay in the place that suits them best of all: a room that has its ups . . . and its downs—a room called Otis, the hotel elevator.
Staying in the elevator is absolutely “fantabulous!” After all, where else would Mr. Walter Wilson, Mrs. Winona Wilson, 10-year-old Winslow Wilson, and his twin sister, Whitney Wilson get to meet:
·     A weary traveling salesman of kids' fads
·     A British rock group with a funny name
·     A lovesick bellhop
·     A society lady and her pampered poodle
·     And a slew of other surprising visitors!


All of A Kind Family, by Sydney Taylor
Meet the All-of-a-Kind  Family—Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie—who live with their parents in New York City at the turn of the century.


Together they share adventures that find them searching for hidden buttons while dusting Mama's front parlor and visiting with the peddlers in Papa's shop on rainy days. The girls enjoy doing everything together, especially when it involves holidays and surprises. But no one could have prepared them for the biggest surprise of all!

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