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Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts


Arts and Crafts

Week-Long Club


Materials: Your children will be using materials easily found around your home. Ms. Aditi will reach out with a detailed list previous to the club’s first meeting. Join us for this fun creative club, which will feature the following crafts:

Leaf Printing

Flower Sun Catchers

Leaf Printing

Paper Cut Flowers

Butterfly Painting

Splatter Paint Paper Lanterns

Glass Jar Lantern

Heart Paper Chain

Your child will be happily busy making beautiful items not only for this week, but for many more weeks to come. Think of all the homemade gifts your child will be able to create for the holidays. This is a money-saver, as well as an opportunity to unleash your child’s creativity!

  • Instructor: Aditi Sigar

  • Dates: Monday through Friday, June 14-18

  • Time: 12:30-1:30 PM ET

  • Price: $40

  • Ages: All Ages

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