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Are You A Fallacy Detective?

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“Logic is the anatomy of thought.” -- John Locke


What is a fallacy? A fallacy is a mistaken belief, especially one based on an unsound argument. Fallacies are statements that might sound reasonable or superficially true but are actually flawed or dishonest. When readers detect them, these logical fallacies backfire by making the audience think the writer is (a) unintelligent or (b) deceptive. It is important to avoid them in our own arguments, and it is also important to be able to spot them in others' arguments so a false line of reasoning won't fool you. Think of this as intellectual kung-fu: the vital art of self-defense in a debate. As we learn about the many types of fallacies, we will use case studies to detect fallacies. Are you a fallacy detective?


  • Ages 11-13 (Grades 6/7)
  • Instructor: Olivia Preissle
  • Tuesdays, 2:30-3:30 PM ET
  • 4 classes
  • May 11, 18, 25-June 1, 2021


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