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Students Who Smashed It! October Work Showcase

Can you believe we're already six weeks into the school year? We can hardly wrap our heads around it, but our thinking kids don't seem phased. They are completing exemplary work in their classes that we would like to share with you!

Xiana | Meet the Vertebrates (science, ages 6+)

Meet Gummy, Xiana's imaginary amphibian with all the characteristics of an amphibian!

Haley | Meet the Vertebrates! (science, ages 6+)

She nailed her fish spotlight!

Yaazin | From the Sistine Chapel to the Catacombs: Classic Europe (history, ages 9+)

Yaazin did a stellar job remembering all the facts he learned about Napoleon!

Cole | DIY Science (science, ages 9+)

Looking for a future scientist? Look no further!

We are SO proud of each of these kids. They are doing amazing things and we cannot wait to see where they go!

—All of us at TTK

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