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Meet Mathi, Student of the Month!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

We would like to take a moment to highlight our student of the month, Mathi! 👨‍🚀🇨🇷 Mathi is from Costa Rica, but he used to live in Ecuador too, for almost 6 years, so his favorite place to visit is his grandparents' home in Ecuador for Christmas. He is a bright and charming little explorer, always with his scientist kit on hand. Exploring and taking pictures outdoors is his favorite activity. He also enjoys learning all about animals and insects, and every curious fact he finds on his encyclopedias. Riding his bike and swimming makes him very happy too. His favorite color is green and although he won't eat bananas in any way, he loves food; one of his all-time favorite foods are ravioli and his grandma's bakery sweets. Everything Mathi dreams of is to become the second Costa Rican in space, he aims to be a NASA scientist someday and go to Mars.

We think Mathi is awesome, and we are very happy to have him as part of our TTK family!

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