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Meet Dr. Greg, Teacher of the Month!

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Dr. Greg grew up in southern California, where he went to school K through 12 and college. He was active in Scouting, becoming an Eagle Scout, and served on summer camp staff in California and New Mexico. He was active in his church, where he would meet his future wife. (He also led children's chapel, where Miss Georgia, the head of The Thinking Kid, sat as a toddler on the organ bench with her mother, the chapel accompanist!)

Dr. and Mrs. Richards made their first home in New York City, where he attended theological school and she taught high school. He was ordained a member of the clergy of the Episcopal Church back in California. He served a church in Beverly Hills, where he began a preschool and parent education center and served as volunteer chaplain of the Beverly Hills Police. He then served as chaplain of a school in North Hollywood, where he began developing ethics classes for middle school students.

He later returned to graduate school, where he earned a Ph.D. in developmental psychology, specializing in adolescent moral development and brain biology. He started a nonprofit organization to promote teen character development in schools, communities, and homes (see

He is the proud father of two sons and proud grandfather to two toddler boys. Dr. Greg and his wife enjoy activities with their grandchildren, cooking, the beach, the mountains, and traveling. In recent years (before the pandemic), they cruised to several ports in Alaska, visited Hawaii, Boston, New York City, and London.

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