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Mother and Daughter

 Parent Meetings 

Parent Orientation Meeting


Join us on Sunday, January 23, at 8 PM EST for a dynamic and fast-paced discussion geared towards potential and current parents of TTK students which will include:

  • How your child can thrive with TTK

  • How TTK can create a customized learning adventure for your child 

  • TTK's unique approach to cultivating cultural literacy, embracing global diversity, and developing leadership skills.

  • Your role in supporting your child's adventure at TTK as we prepare them to be successful leaders in their community and world

Join Zoom Meeting:

Parent Symposium

Join Ms. Olga Vaskova on Friday, January 28, at 8 PM EST as she leads us through TRIZ, the cutting-edge pedagogy program of critical thinking methods used in leading international schools.  Ms. Olga is an expert in problem-solving and creative, inventive, and critical thinking and a certified TRIZ*-teacher and practitioner. The method taught by Ms. Olga is more well known in the industries of technology and innovation in the USA rather than in pedagogy, which is something we at TTK are striving to change. In other countries, TRIZ has already proved itself as a very successful and productive approach to developing and teaching both divergent and convergent thinking, which results in the ability to direct and steer one's imagination in the desired direction.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 862 3873 3844
Passcode: ThinkFast

*TRIZ is an acronym for theory of inventive problem-solving. 

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