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The Egyptian Empire

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The Egyptians-- so amazing in so many ways! The Egyptian empire lasted for centuries! Learning about the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms helps us better understand how a country grows up, how it handles challenges, and how it persists. Great tombs, pyramids, the Book of the Dead, hieroglyphics-- so many cool aspects of the culture to discuss! And that’s not all. Prepare to be introduced once again to the Phoenicians, Assyrians, and to watch Babylon take over. . .again.


  • Ages 7-9 (Grades 2/3)
  • Instructor: Aditi Sigar
  • Mondays, 1-2 PM ET
  • 4 classes
  • November 16, 30-December 7, 14, 2020
  • No class on November 23


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