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Read Around the Planet Kick-Off Event

Read Around the Planet Kick-Off Event


Dive into the true tale of Otto the Otter, a captivating North American River Otter, who inspires a family's imagination while visiting their small pond. Delight in seasonal observations of the otter's playful antics as captured through the author's brightly textured watercolors. And get ready for a big surprise when the otter brings the family something unexpected! Engage your students with an SEL-supportive and fact-based narrative. After reading aloud together, we reflect on the marvelous creatures that live in freshwater habitats and the important role watersheds play for wildlife and people. Additionally, get ready for an extraordinary virtual encounter with the North American river otters living at Mote Aquarium. This immersive experience aims to cultivate critical thinking skills, enhance oral language proficiency, foster fluency and pronunciation, spark STEM engagement, and bolster reading comprehension.

  • Date: Thursday, February 29, 1 PM ET

  • Target Audience: Grades K-6

  • Length: 45 minutes

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