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Math: Term 2 Super Pack

Math: Term 2 Super Pack


Purchase a discounted term (16 weeks) of classes! This includes:


Irrawaddy Dolphins Know Rates of Change (4 weeks)

Irrawaddy dolphins usually live in small groups of only 4-8 dolphins, but they sometimes live in larger groups. When they are in larger groups, they have to adapt to the change in social group size. To keep track of this, they have mastered rates of change. They may not have long, slim noses, but they know math!


Through in-class activities and independent practice, students will:

  • Determine the rate of change between two points using the Cartesian coordinate plane

  • Use one point on the Cartesian coordinate plane and a linear rate of change to locate the coordinates of another point on that line

  • Graph linear equations by finding multiple solutions to the equations and recording them in x-y tables

  • Use the graph of a linear relationship to write the equation of the line

Perfecting Functions with Plains Bison (4 weeks)

The plains bison is the largest land mammal in North America with some adult bulls weighing in excess of 2,000 pounds. In order to stay ahead of the rest of the animals in North America, bison decided to be the smartest land mammals, too—so they learned how to do functions.


Through in-class activities and independent practice, students will:

  • Create a table of values to approximate the path of a line or curve of best fit

  • Create a table of "changes" to approximate the local rate of change of lines and curves of best fit

  • Create equations of functions in both standard and factored form to match a specified graph


Planes with Pronghorns (4 weeks)

With an average running speed of 40 MPH, pronghorns are the fastest land mammal in North America. They can also run at speeds of up to 60 MPH for long distances. While they're running, they like to do geometry in their heads.


Through in-class activities and independent practice, students will:

  • Calculate whole-number distances between two points on the Cartesian coordinate plane using the Pythagorean Theorem

  • Reflect shapes on a coordinate grid over a line of reflection

  • Transform a given shape to a target shape by dilating, rotating, translating, or reflecting


Real-World Math with Javan Rhinos (4 weeks)

Unlike other rhinos—which are very vocal—the Javan Rhino is a quiet animal which has made them difficult to study. They're so quiet because they're constantly doing word problems in their head. This class is a comprehensive math review of previously studied terms through word problems, during which students will strengthen their weaker areas of math.


Through in-class activities and independent practice word problems, students will review all previously learned math skills (see above).


  • Day and Time: Wednesdays, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET
  • Bundle Duration: 16 Weeks
  • Dates: February 5 - May 28, 2025
    • No class April 16 (Spring Break) 
  • Recommended for: Ages 13+ / Grades 8-9
  • Teacher: TTK Faculty
  • Required Materials: 
    • DreamBox math app*




*There is an additional $45 charge for DreamBox, which is a one-time purchase for the entire school year. Here at The Thinking Kid, we utilize the DreamBox Math App to enable our students to practice math skills outside of the classroom. DreamBox engages students through math games to test their proficiency in math concepts discussed in class. DreamBox access is essential to student success in our math program. If you have previously purchased DreamBox, please contact us at

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