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Math Super Pack: Term 1

Math Super Pack: Term 1


Purchase one term (16 weeks) of math classes for only $10.25/session!* This includes:


Multiply and Divide with Eastern Lowland Gorillas (4 weeks)

Being the largest of the four gorilla subspecies, it might be hard to believe that the Eastern Lowland Gorilla’s diet consists mainly of fruit and other plants. If that’s hard to believe, this is going to be even harder: they can multiply and divide.


  • Students choose friendly equations (partial quotients) and the distributive property to solve multi-digit division problems within 10,000 and interpret remainders
  • Students use the distributive property to solve multiplication problems within 100,000

Black Rhinos: Beyond Times Tables (4 weeks)

Black rhinos have made a tremendous comeback from their near-extinction twenty years ago. Today, they are still critically endangered, but their numbers have doubled from their historic low to around 5,500. It’s easy to identify black rhinos by their hooked upper lip, smaller size, and the fact that they know times tables really well.


  • Students use the standard multiplication algorithm and estimation strategies to solve multiplication problems involving up to four digits by two-digit numbers
  • Students multiply by friendly numbers greater than 20
  • Students multiply by landmark and near-landmark numbers greater than 20


Decimal & Fraction Equivalents I with African Savanna Elephants (4 weeks)

After stomping past a village, African Savanna Elephants caught wind (heard) about decimal and fraction equivalents. Since they are already the largest species of elephant and the biggest terrestrial animal on earth, they decided they also wanted to be one of the smartest. Now they practice decimal & fraction equivalents while they graze on grasses. 


  • Students multiply and divide decimal numbers expressed to the hundredths place using ratios and a unit price context
  • Students estimate decimal products and quotients, then put the decimal point in the correct place value location of those products and quotients
  • Students generate equivalent fractions and find scaling factors using a table
  • Students add fractions with like denominators using blocks as a model


Hector's Dolphin Does Fraction & Decimal Equivalents II (4 weeks)

We don’t see a lot of Hector’s Dolphins because they are the smallest and rarest marine dolphins in the world. They tend to spend a lot of time working on their fraction & decimal equivalents, especially after they heard about how much the African Savanna Elephants know.


  • Students subtract fractions with like denominators using blocks as a model for the removal strategy
  • Students multiply two fractions together and use an area model to represent the product
  • Students divide fractions by whole numbers and whole numbers by fractions using a fair-sharing context
  • Students represent equivalent fractions and use proportional reasoning on a double number line


  • Day and Time: Tuesdays, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM ET
  • Bundle Duration: 16 Weeks
  • Dates: September 12, 2023 - January 30, 2024
    • No class November 21, December 12, 19, 26, January 2
  • Recommended for: Ages 9+ / Grades 4-5
  • Teacher: TTK Faculty
  • Required Materials: DreamBox math app*


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*There is an included additional $45 charge for DreamBox, which is a one-time purchase for the entire school yearIf you have previously paid the $45 charge for DreamBox through another product, please contact us. The $45 DreamBox charge gives your student access to class assignments through DreamBox.


Here at The Thinking Kid, we utilize the DreamBox Math App to enable our students to practice math skills outside of the classroom. DreamBox engages students through math games to test their proficiency in math concepts discussed in class. DreamBox access is essential to student success in our math program. This is a one-time purchase for the entire school year.