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Ivan the Great, Ivan the Terrible, and Why You Do Not Want to be an Heir

Ivan the Great, Ivan the Terrible, and Why You Do Not Want to be an Heir


Constantinople was the richest city in Eastern Europe, and everyone wanted it. However, with its three thick walls of stone, it seemed impossible to conquer, until the Turks got very clever. Explore the awesome Ottoman empire, hear the tragedy of the three Ivans (one of whom went mad), and look out for spies and secret police on black horses. But then tragedy strikes and the world is forever changed by the black plague. And yet the adventures continue as Joan of Arc experiences her heavenly vision and leads, at only 17 years of age, armies of strong French soldiers against England, and princes start to disappear as they wait for their chance to become king. Danger and excitement abound!


  • Minimum recommended age: 6
  • Instructor: Ms. Anna Bonney
  • Fridays, 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM ET
  • 4 classes
  • February 4, 11, 18, 25


Anna Bonney, a hardworking teacher with a creative teaching style, is currently studying Psychology and Education at Southern Virginia University. She possesses a deep passion for teaching language, both oral and written, and is skilled at creating a supportive yet challenging environment for students to thrive in. By adopting a creative, interdisciplinary approach, she encourages students to discover a larger world of learning. She's always looking for something new for her students and loves to explore and experiment with teaching and writing. She loves working with kids and looks forward to watching each of her students challenge themselves in her classes. In her spare time, she bikes short-distance, sings, and writes poems for children's books. She loves to travel and has traveled to Europe and Africa multiple times, Italy, Turkey, and Tanzania being her favorite spots. Her experiences abroad have driven her to work towards a career in international education. She strongly believes that hard work, creativity, and an optimistic attitude pulse beneath a successful learning experience.

Teaching style: appointments with students, journaling, peer partner learning, research projects, spelling bees


Student & Parent Reviews for Ms. Anna:

  • Ms. Anna is a wonderful teacher! She keeps the kids encouraged with her kindness while encouraging them to go above and beyond what they think they can do. My son loved her classes, games, and teaching style. We're looking forward to next year! - Carrie, parent
  • My son loved working with Ms. Anna. His writing has improved past my expectations, and he's excited to keep writing. Ms. Anna keeps classes productive and engaging with games, writing activities, and inter-disciplinary discussions. She draws in authors, famous literature, and historic context to explain English concepts and cultivate the students' interest in English. Her feedback was easily implemented, and she was easy to reach whenever my son had questions. Thank you for this fabulous resource! We'll be back next year. - Jennifer, parent