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Create Games With Scratch

Create Games With Scratch


Create Games with Scratch

Week-Long Club


Do you love playing computer games as much as I do?
Just think, if it’s so much fun to play these games, how much fun it would be to create your own games and to show and play them with your friends! In Scratch club we will learn how to create fun games like Catch the Apple, Dodge the Fish or Fly Flappy, and many more with the help of kids friendly programming language called Scratch. It's exciting, fun, and easy! You will learn to use the online free Scratch software from Basics to create their games! Join the club and become a gamer who creates and plays their own games!

  • Instructor: Hansa Sigar

  • Dates: Monday through Friday, July 12-16

  • Time: 1-2 PM ET

  • Price: $40

  • Ages: 9-15

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