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Math Super Pack: Term 2

Math Super Pack: Term 2


Purchase one term (16 weeks) of math classes for only $10.25/session!* This includes:

Finish Fractions and Decimals with Western Lowland Gorillas (4 weeks)

Did you know the scientific name of the Western Lowland Gorilla is gorilla gorilla gorilla? It is. There’s a lot one might not know about western lowland gorillas. They are the smallest of the four gorilla subspecies, so they love fractions and decimals. Fractions and decimals are small numbers, just like how western lowland gorillas are small gorillas.


  • Students add and subtract positive decimal numbers on a number line using their own strategies
  • Students locate positive and negative rational numbers on a number line by scaling the number line by powers of ten
  • Students multiply decimal numbers up to the thousandths place using an array as a model
  • Students round numbers to the ones and tenths place and compare fractions and decimals
  • Students round numbers to the ones and tenths place and estimate the sums of decimals and fractions
  • Students develop fluency with addition & subtraction of fractions & decimals by choosing two numbers that have a target sum

Indian Elephants Know Angles (4 weeks)

Even though they don’t have any bones in their trunks (they have 150,000+ muscles instead), Indian Elephants know their angles. They are a sub-species of the Asian Elephant (which is very good at multiplication), so they decided that they would become at geometry. While they are reaching for plants to eat, they think of angles: 360° to a circle, 180° is flat, 90° is a right angle. After eating their 330 lbs of vegetation for the day, they take a good long nap and do it all over again.


  • Students compose angles through addition and subtraction of angle measurements
  • Students represent hierarchical relationships as they classify polygons, including different types of triangles and quadrilaterals


Sea Lions Start the Order of Operations (4 weeks)

Why is a sea lion called a sea lion? They have very loud roars! Also, the males of some species grow thick manes around their necks, just like a lion. They roar to brag about how good they are at the order of operations. If we could understand them, they would tell us how to do the order of operations as well as they can.


  • Students use the order of operations to evaluate expressions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Students fluently simplify expressions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division


Olive Ridley Turtles: Order of Operations II (4 weeks)

Olive ridley sea turtles are very amazing animals, so here are some facts: 1) some travel hundreds of miles to return to the same spot they were born to lay their eggs, 2) their grey heart-shaped shell from birth turns olive green once they reach adulthood—it’s also how they get their name—, and 3) they prefer warmer oceans. Less of a fact, they’re very good at the order of operations.


  • Students fluently simplify expressions involving parentheses
  • Students evaluate expressions involving parentheses using the order of operations
  • Students simplify and evaluate expressions involving variables


  • Day and Time: Tuesdays, 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM ET
  • Bundle Duration: 16 Weeks
  • Dates: February 6, 2024 - May 28, 2024 
    • No class March 26
  • Recommended for: Ages 9+ / Grades 4-5
  • Teacher: Carolina Velez
  • Required Materials: DreamBox math app*


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*There is an included additional $45 charge for DreamBox, which is a one-time purchase for the entire school yearIf you have previously paid the $45 charge for DreamBox through another product, please contact us. The $45 DreamBox charge gives your student access to class assignments through DreamBox.


Here at The Thinking Kid, we utilize the DreamBox Math App to enable our students to practice math skills outside of the classroom. DreamBox engages students through math games to test their proficiency in math concepts discussed in class. DreamBox access is essential to student success in our math program.