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Language Arts Super Pack: Term 1

Language Arts Super Pack: Term 1


Purchase one term (16 weeks) of language arts classes for only $10.25/session!* This includes:

The Ins and Outs of Life: Narrative Writing (4 weeks)

One of the greatest questions of life is often left unanswered or inadequately answered: Who am I? Through a series of journal entries and narrative pieces, students express themselves, their experiences, and their aspirations. They examine their writing, adjusting language to match their emotions and convey their thoughts. Varying sentence structure, using active verbs, and seeking unique word usage are only a handful of the tools they will use while revising their work. Narrative skills will strengthen their understanding of English as a language while deepening their understanding of themselves. 


Milestone: Organized, complex writing (multi-paragraph)

Speak Up! Persuasive Writing and Developing the Paragraph (4 weeks)

Nothing is more powerful than the voice, and many of us find we have something to say. In Speak Up!, students engage in defending their opinion through clear writing. Students will be taught to find sources to support their views and discover how to quote others effectively. They will construct strong paragraphs, each with a gripping beginning, evidence-supported body, and powerful clincher. Join us as we learn how to Speak Up!


Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: The Five Senses and Descriptive Writing (4 weeks)

What smells better than it tastes? Your nose! We experience the world around us using the five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. Students will experiment with activating the five senses in their writing, using rich adjectives and strong, active verbs. Students will expand their vocabularies, all while writing snapshots and short stories.


  1. Write snapshots and short stories

  2. Expand vocabulary with rich adjectives, adverbs, and verbs

  3. Write a five-paragraph descriptive essay


This class is going to be overflowing with fun!


Ancient History: Communication and the Expository Essay (4 weeks)

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a chance that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” - Mary Ritter Beard

Civilization has gone from painting on cave walls to instant messaging. What happened? How has language changed? Students explore the evolution of language, adventuring back to the time of hieroglyphics and cuneiform, and discovering word roots and Morse code as they move forward. The subtleties of language challenge them to think about their intentions when they write letters, emails, and literary pieces. Through experimentation and exposure to various forms of communication, students come to understand the rhythm of communication. 


Milestone: Expanded knowledge of language as a whole (e.g. Latin roots) and ability to write a clear, evidence-supported expository essay."


You won't want to miss this class!


  • Day and Time: Mondays, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM ET
  • Bundle Duration: 16 Weeks
  • Dates: September 11, 2023 - January 29, 2024
    • Fall Break: November 20 - 24, 2023
    • Winter Break: December 11, 2023 - January 7, 2024
  • Recommended for: Ages 9+ / Grades 4-5
  • Teacher: Anna Bonney


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