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History: Terms 1-2 Super Pack (Full Year)

History: Terms 1-2 Super Pack (Full Year)


Purchase a discounted year (32 weeks) of classes! This includes:


From the Sistine Chapel to the Catacombs: Classic Europe (4 weeks)

Europe comes to life as students meet the personalities of France, Italy, Spain, and German. Art—visual, structural, and auditory—is discussed in heated debate by Eiffel, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Beethoven, and Robert Schumann. Politics are painted in vivid colors as Napoleon Bonaparte, Spartacus, Augustus Caesar, Martin Luther, and King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella make their marks on European history. And who’s back there? Albert Einstein, a genius pulled from school. Florence Nightingale with a candle, watching over her patients. Galileo Galilei, writing his astronomical theory to the light of a candle while under house arrest for heresy. Isn’t it incredible? Watch history come to life as students walk alongside personalities of the past.


Hakuna Matata: Greetings in Africa (4 weeks)

Step into the incredible history of Africa with Cleopatra, Mansa Musa I, and Fatima Al Fihria. Uncover the majesty of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Witness how the riches of Africa blew away the Europeans, and how the exploration of Africa influenced Europe. Alongside Thomas Isidore Noel Sankara and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, investigate the struggles of African countries as they strive for peace, equality, and health. Consider your own education as you meet Fatima Al Fihria, the founder of Al-Qarawiyin, the world’s first university. Discover how Africa is changing, one person and movement at a time, and how it continues to shift and grow.


Goings-On West of the Pacific (4 weeks)

Embark on a journey across the powers of the Eastern Hemisphere. Join Marco Polo as he enters China and gazes at the Forbidden city; follow Peter the Great in his conquest of Russia; and imagine ruling the Mongol Empire alongside Genghis Khan, its founder. Listen closely: You hear the conversations of Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev on music; Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible, grandfather and grandson, on their different rules of Russia; and Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong on their visions for their countries. Dive into the minds of Asia. What will you discover?


Exploring the Eastern Hemisphere: Conquerors and Explorers (4 weeks)

Rediscover the founders of the Eastern Hemisphere and the conquerors and explorers that made founding possible. Gather the great thinkers, contrast the voices of composers, and compare the leaders of history. Investigate their methods, beliefs, and influence. Discover how an event can shift the future; discover how a person can build a dynasty. Alongside revolutionaries, watch history unfold. Watch religion develop, science flourish, wars begin and end, and life march on. Explore the people that made change possible in the Eastern Hemisphere.


Wonders of the New World: America, Canada, and Mexico (4 weeks)

Students meet the founders, explorers, artists, and revolutionists of the Western world. Tecumseh, Crazy Horse, and Sitting Bull act as role models while students examine Native American history, and tell the story behind Hernán Cortés de Monroy y Pizarro's destruction of the Aztec empire. Sir Arthur Currie, Benito Juarez, and Franklin D. Roosevelt follow the political and humanitarian changes in the Western World. Students find themselves tapping along to the music of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, examining the successes of Amelia Earhart and Benjamin Franklin, and gazing wide-eyed at the art of Frida Kahlo and early American artists in the New World. Step into the past to examine the individuals who built it, and the individuals who gave it life.


Like Soccer in South America: Chile and Peru (4 weeks)

Slip into the culture of South America, and find yourself swept away by its art and people. Meet José de San Martín, the Liberator of Chile, Peru, and Argentina. Cheer for Raúl Ruidíaz, a Peruvian professional footballer, and Alexis Sánchez, possibly the greatest Chilean footballer of all time, and explore their characters and journeys to the top. In the adjoining room is Pablo Neruda, a politician, poet, and 1971 Literature Nobel Prize winner. Admire the noble efforts of Saint Rose of Lima. Meet the founders and artists of South American culture, and discover the natural beauty of life and hope.


Surveying the South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea (4 weeks)

Personalities weave into students’ understanding of the South Pacific as they meet its writers, politicians, and leaders. Australian writer Germaine Greer and New Zealand politician Kate Sheppard left their marks in feminist history. Students meet individuals who explored the world in very unique ways: Ernest Rutherford of New Zealand, who came to be known as the father of nuclear physics for his studies of the atom, and Steve Irwin–‘The Crocodile Hunter’–, the Australian conservationist, zookeeper, television personality, environmentalist, and wildlife expert that founded Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.


Admire the bravery and loyalty of Michael Joseph Savage, the 23rd Prime Minister of New Zealand; contrast him with Ned Kelly, a 19th-century Australian bushranger, outlaw, and gang leader. Discover modern Papua New Guinean leaders such as rugby league footballer Kato Ottio and politician Patrick Prauatich. Meet the faces, foundations, and fascinating characters of the South Pacific in an investigation of purpose and vision.


People, Power, and the Past: The Western Hemisphere (4 weeks)

Discovered largely in the 16th century, the New World immediately became a point of European interest and power, forcing individuals to rise to the occasion. Rediscover the native leaders and founders of the New World and South Pacific, and the courage they displayed as the world changed around them.


Walk alongside the great minds of science, music, art, literature, and sport. Admire the strength of explorers and innovators. Recognize the power of a person, an idea, a moment. Rediscover the New World and the South Pacific, and seek within yourself the courage to change the world.


  • Day and Time: Wednesdays, 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET
  • Bundle Duration: 32 Weeks
  • Dates: September 18, 2024 - May 28, 2025
    • No class on the following dates:
      • November 27 (Thanksgiving Break)
      • December 18, 25, January 1 (Christmas Break)
      • April 16 (Spring Break)
  • Recommended for: Ages 9+ / Grades 4-5
  • Teacher: TTK Faculty


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