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History Super Pack: Term 1

History Super Pack: Term 1


Purchase one term (16 weeks, Sep-Jan) of history classes for only $10.25/session! This includes:


Time Travelers Unleashed: Unveiling the Marvels of Ancient Worlds (8 weeks)

Embark on a thrilling journey as "Time Travelers Unleashed: Unveiling the Marvels of Ancient Worlds" invites you to delve into the mysteries and wonders of the distant past. Over 8 action-packed weeks, we will traverse through the shadows of time, unearthing the secrets of the Prehistoric Era, experiencing the gripping adventures of Paleolithic hunters, navigating the enigmatic transition of the Mesolithic Period, and savoring the revolutionary dawn of the Neolithic Revolution. Prepare to be astounded by the glimmering brilliance of the Bronze Age and awe-struck by the rise of early civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley, and Ancient China. Brace yourself to unlock the captivating tales of the Minoan and Mycenaean Civilizations, whose myths and legends continue to stir the imagination of the modern world.


In our interactive online class, you'll don the mantle of a time traveler, exploring the intricacies of prehistory with captivating virtual tours of ancient cave paintings, deciphering cryptic symbols of the Indus Valley script, and unraveling the engineering marvels of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Engaging multimedia resources will bring to life the grandeur of the Bronze Age's metropolis and the complexities of governing an empire in the vast expanses of Ancient China. Join our vibrant community of history enthusiasts for spirited debates, challenging quizzes, and exhilarating reenactments, all while discovering how the echoes of these ancient civilizations resonate in the fabric of modern societies. Buckle up for the adventure of a lifetime as we traverse through the annals of time and reveal the enduring legacies of humanity's past!


Empires and Epochs Unveiled: Triumphs and Transformations (8 weeks)

Prepare to be enthralled by "Empires and Epochs Unveiled: Triumphs and Transformations," an 8-week online odyssey through some of history's most captivating chapters. Traverse the sunlit shores of Ancient Greece, where philosophy and art flourished, and discover the ingenious democratic experiment that defined an era. March alongside the Roman legions in the Roman Republic, exploring its triumphs and tribulations, before beholding the grandeur of the mighty Roman Empire, where roads led to greatness, and monumental wonders stood as testament to power. Follow the rise of Christianity from humble beginnings to a global force, and bear witness to the poignant fall of the Western Roman Empire, marking the end of an epoch and the dawn of a new age.


As the pages of history turn, immerse yourself in the resilient Byzantine Empire, where culture, religion, and innovation intermingled to create a dynamic legacy. Venture into the realm of the Early Islamic Caliphates, where scholarship, science, and the arts sparked an intellectual renaissance. Traverse the Silk Road to Tang Dynasty China, where a golden age of prosperity and cultural exchange fostered flourishing achievements in poetry, art, and governance. You'll grasp the significance of these mighty empires and their enduring impact on global history through immersive lectures, evocative visual media, and spirited discussions. Embrace the thrill of time travel and join our community of history enthusiasts to unveil the triumphs and transformations that shaped the course of civilization.


  • Recommended for: Ages 11+ / Grades 6-7
  • Instructor: Vijaysaumini Jaiswal
  • Day and Time: Mondays, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET
  • Bundle Duration: 16 weeks
  • Dates: September 11, 2023 - January 29, 2024
    • Fall Break: November 20 - 24, 2023
    • Winter Break: December 11, 2023 - January 7, 2024


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