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Meet Ms. Carolina, Our Teacher of the Month!

Carolina Velez teaches mathematics here at TTK, and she loves her students!

Ms. Carolina is a business administrator with a TEFL and MATH didactics certification and a master's degree in pedagogy and human development. She is a very experienced schoolteacher. For almost twelve years, she taught mathematics in elementary and middle school, in most cases using the PBL (project-based learning) method. She has also helped adults and professionals strengthen their English skills for 4 years. Here are a few fun facts about our marvelous math teacher!

Ms. Carolina's favorite color is blue, which is fitting as her favorite place to visit is the beach! Like many of her students, Ms. Carolina likes animals and has a pet dog and pet cat.

For fun, Ms. Carolina has all sorts of hobbies! Her favorite type of games are board games, and she is talented at painting as well as arts and crafts. Her all-time favorite activity to do in her free time is to dance salsa and bachata.

Ms. Carolina's favorite holiday is Christmas Eve. Her least favorite food is cauliflower!

As you may have guessed, her favorite subject to teach is mathematics!

We are proud to showcase Ms. Carolina as our teacher of the month for April at The Thinking Kid!

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