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Man Carrying Child in Arms

A Note From the Director

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” – Walt Disney
Intelligence, Individuality, Integrity.

      This is the mantra of The Thinking Kid. As we prepare for 2021-22, choosing from the best books and creating the finest curriculum continues to prove an exhilarating and weighty task. I am currently surrounded by hundreds of books which are candidates for the last few spots in our Literature program. From these stacks, we will choose only literature aligning with our mantra- literature highlighting characters of integrity, describing intriguing settings, and relaying stimulating storylines.
      On the other fronts, our classes are almost finalized. Our math program features a fun mix of hands-on learning and online customized instruction, our science program explores diverse and exciting topics, and our Language Arts program is creatively woven together with a beautiful balance of grammar, composition, reading, and diction. The Thinking Series is yet another amazing set of unique classes exploring ethics, cultures, soft skills, and critical thinking.

      However, all of this is taking time. Please be patient with us as we refine our program for 2021-22. We seek to offer only the highest quality education to our TTK families, and because of this, we are taking more time than we expected to post the coming year’s curriculum. We are aiming to have everything online by May 25.
I promise it will be worth the wait. Thank you so very much for your patience.

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