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Child Reading in the Grass

 Primer Program 

Our Primer Program

Welcome to our TTK Primer Program, where children love to explore and learn with joy! Our small classes allow for each child to interact with their teacher, grow uniquely in their skill sets, and develop confidence as they share their new knowledge. Though we approach our classes with a structured plan, we always allow time for spontaneous conversations stimulated by curiosity and those very precious learning moments that inevitably pop up at the most unusual times. Our goal is to foster a child’s natural love for learning.
Join us! Your little one will thank you!

Primer Phonics


“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book!”

Image by National Cancer Institute

Recommended for ages 4 and up


Semester One (Sep 13-Jan 26)

  • My World and Me: Introductions and the Alphabet (Sep 13-Oct 6)

  • Beavers Combine Letters: Word Families and Word Ladders (Oct 11-Nov 3)

  • Squirrels and Sight Words: Sight Words, Personal Dictionary, and Plural Endings (Nov 8-Dec 8)

  • Whales Write: Creative Expression and CVC Practice (Jan 3-26)


Semester Two (Jan 31-May 25)

  • Walrus Racket! Long Vowels and Consonant Digraphs (Jan 31-Feb 23)

  • Dolphins Dawdling with C and G: Learning C and G (Feb 28-Mar 23)

  • Horses, Tractors, and Rs: R-Controlled Words (Mar 28-Apr 27)

  • Elephants and Journal Writing (May 2-25)

Primer Math


“Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes.”

Image by luis arias

Recommended for ages 4 and up

Semester One (Sep 14-Jan 27)

  • All About Me Math (Sep 14-Oct 7)

  • Chameleons Can Count (Oct 12-Nov 4)

  • Seahorses Can Sort (Nov 9-Dec 9)

  • Goats Can Graph and Make Shapes (Jan 4-27)


Semester Two (Feb 1-May 26)

  • Raccoons Use Rulers (Feb 1-24)

  • Tigers Tell Time and Cobras Count Money (Mar 1-24)

  • Tortoises Can Add, Can You? (Mar 29-Apr 28)

  • Donkeys Do Subtraction (May 3-26)

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