A Note From Our Director:

I believe every child is born with a natural yearning to explore and create. Our job as parents is to fan the spark of intellectual curiosity within our children by providing exciting learning experiences. This is my goal with The Thinking Kid.


The Thinking Kid was conceived years ago as I raised and home educated my own children. I am, in fact, still raising and educating my children. I have searched for years for online live classes which incorporated student interaction, excellent literature-based curriculum, an emphasis on building character and integrity, guided discussions, unique hands-on activities, and great teachers. I never found exactly what I needed for my children, so I created The Thinking Kid. I am reaching out to families who are working hard to raise strong children and need a little help. 


I understand that you see incredible talents in your child. I realize that your child’s path is unique. And I know that every child’s impact on the world will be beautiful and valuable. For this reason, TTK teachers and I work hard each day to bring out the innate gifts in our students.


Perhaps you would like to join TTK as a Club Captain and share your own passion and work. Your expertise contributes to the instant learning community of The Thinking Kid by expanding the range of enriching opportunities for children. 


Join us as we unleash the intelligence and creativity in children, giving them the freedom to be the best that they can be.


Gratefully yours,

Georgia Bonney

Our Mission:

We strive to inspire curious minds, stimulate curiosity, and enrich lives.

About Our Director:

Georgia graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, and continued her education at the University of Southern California, acquiring two Masters Degrees in Music. Georgia was selected to be a Fulbright Scholar in Vienna, Austria, where she studied Piano Performance.


As a wife and mother, Georgia sought the best academic resources for her children. Consequently, they received a blend of public, private, and homeschool education. They have now received full-tuition scholarships to universities across the U.S., published in academic journals, presented at scholastic conferences, attended graduate schools, and moved on to live rich and successful lives.


Georgia is The Thinking Kid's administrative director, and is also the owner of Ms. Georgia’s Musical Beginnings, a school of fine arts for children.

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