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Rockin' Robin Around the World

Rockin' Robin Around the World


Rockin' Robin Around the World

All About Birds, Week-Long Club


Knock knock! Who’s there? Who. Who-who? I didn’t know you were an owl! In Rockin’ Robin Around the World we’ll dive into making bird calls, identifying species, learning about their colors, discovering stories about them, and attracting birds to our own backyards! Did you know there’s a hummingbird that has eggs that are shorter and lighter than a paperclip and that ostriches have eggs that are bigger than melons? Do you want to make bird calls? Do you want to find out what types of birds soar around your backyard? Have you ever heard a bird call and wanted to whistle it back? Join us for our Big Year!*


Materials Needed:
Small notebook (for recording bird types and facts)

*A personal challenge or an informal competition among birders who attempt to identify as many species of birds as possible by sight or sound within a single calendar year and within a specific geographic area.

  • Instructor: Anna Bonney

  • Dates: Monday through Friday, June 7-11

  • Time: 2-3 PM ET

  • Price: $40

  • Ages: 6-12

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