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Animals of Australia and Your Own Backyard

Animals of Australia and Your Own Backyard


Australian animals are a fascinating group that includes some of the most unusual creatures on Earth. The continent of Australia has vast expanses of desert and semi-arid land in its interior, sub-tropical rain forest in the Northeast, and grasslands and mountain ranges along the perimeter.


Approximately 90% of the animals native to Australia are found nowhere else, including the kangaroo, koala, echidna, dingo, platypus, wallaby and wombat. Australia is the smallest continent and is sometimes referred to as the world's largest island. This relative isolation has created an ecology like no other.


This class will give students the opportunity to compare animals that have been isolated from the rest of the world with common animals in their own backyard.  Come to the Australian Outback and find the most dangerous animals, most funny animals, and the coolest animals in the world!


  • Minimum recommended age: 6
  • Instructor: Ms. Makayla Clement
  • Mondays, 10:15-11:15 AM ET
  • 6 classes
  • April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20, 27


Makayla Clement graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Science Teaching. She focuses on using a wide variety of teaching methods to ensure that students of all learning types can comprehend and enjoy the material being taught. She has many science-related hobbies including bug collecting, rock collecting/jewelry-making, and botany. She also loves music and teaches beginning to intermediate piano. She has three busy children, a supportive husband, a quirky tortoise, and a snake.


Teaching style: video lessons, worksheets, research projects, discussion groups


Student & Parent Reviews for Ms. Makayla:

  • I have a somewhat difficult to teach child and she loves learning from Ms. Makayla at The Thinking Kid. Her knowledge of Bugs grew tremendously in just one week of camp! Thank you so much for your time and dedication. We look forward to many more adventures with The Thinking Kid. -Jennifer, parent

  • I very much enjoy Mrs. Makayla’s classes. She really knows the subjects she’s teaching and I can tell that she loves teaching them to others. She is funny, kind, and patient with her students. -Abigail, student

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