This novel is a warning about tendencies within liberal democracies. Throughout history, those in power will do anything to stay in power. They slowly take away people’s freedoms by promising safety and simplicity in life.  This dystopian novel highlights the dangers of a totalitarian society in which all the freedoms that we enjoy are stripped away for the sake of safety. This novel allows the student to witness the dangers of allowing our freedoms to be stripped from us until we are bound by the powers of those who are in control. It highlights the dangers of a government that has access to every aspect of our private lives and the inherent danger in group thought. The point of this novel is to encourage students to think and act for themselves and fight for those freedoms that they find to be the most valuable. 


1984, by George Orwell


Week 1: Chapters 1-7

Week 2: Chapters 8-12

Week 3: Chapters 13-18

Week 4: Chapters 19-23


  • Instructor: Kait Bailey Kaiser
  • Mondays, 2-3 PM ET
  • 4 classes
  • February 8 – March 1, 2021


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Note: This book contains some scenes that you may not find appropriate for your child. If you would like, we will reach out to you with the page numbers of the excerpts so that your child may avoid those sections. We are including 1984 in our program because it is a landmark in American literature.

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