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You've Got Summer Mail! An August Update

So much has happened this summer! 🏖️ We've been keeping busy here at HQ and here are a few new things coming this year:

  • DreamBox Math app 🧮

  • Badges! 🏅

  • Who Gets It? 🤔

DreamBox Math

The Thinking Kid is now using the DreamBox app for math practice! When you purchase a math class, you also gain year-long access to the DreamBox app. The DreamBox app identifies your student's strengths and weaknesses in math and gives them activities to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of their grade-level math. In class, students will learn the math concepts they will practice in DreamBox that week. DreamBox presents exercises in game format, so it's a great solution for all students—regardless of their favorite subject. After paying the additional fee for DreamBox once, you're set for the year.


Throughout the last school year, students in some classes received badges from their teachers. This year, every student will have the opportunity to earn a badge for their performance in class! In addition to this, they will be receiving their badges in the mail at the end of their course as stickers. Where will your child put theirs?

Who Gets It?

Every month of the school year, one TTK student will be selected to receive a special gift. To enter, your student must be enrolled in at least one class at the time of the giveaway. Hmmm... what could it be?

That's all for now! We're excited to see you in September!

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