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Meet Vijaysaumini (Shalu) Jaiswal, Our Teacher of the Month!

Vijaysaumini is our amazing teacher from India!

Some fun facts about Ms. Vijaysaumini:

  • Her favorite food is GolGappe. Life's like golgappa. Your tummy might be full, but your heart never is.

  • She finds herself drawn to an array of white hues, embracing them in tandem with her enduring affection for the color pink.

  • Her favorite game to play will forever be Badminton.

  • In her free time, she loves to read novels or visit parks and spend time with her garden mates, including Harry the dog.

  • Her favorite holiday activities include treks or camping in the mountains.

  • Her favorite place to visit is Ghar (her hometown).

  • Her least favorite thing to eat for lunch is okra, also known as Ladyfinger.

  • Her talents include dancing, painting, and public speaking.

  • Her biggest goal is to make her loved ones proud and beam with giddy smiles.

Vijaysaumini is an enthusiastic and exciting teacher, and we are so happy to have her here at TTK.

"As an educator, I have come to realize that my learning experience is enriched as I take on the role of a teacher. The process of thoroughly preparing and teaching a subject, not only enhances my understanding but, also makes the material more intriguing. It is this sense of fascination and empowerment that I aim to instill in my students, hoping to expand their horizons and provide a multifaceted perspective on various topics.

The core of my teaching philosophy revolves around student-centered learning, driven by the belief that this approach challenges both educators and learners alike, fostering creativity in the process. To strike a balance between covering essential content and catering to individual interests, I tailor my lessons to suit the needs of my students, ensuring that the material is not only comprehensible but also captivating.

Creating a positive learning environment is paramount for me, where students are not merely passive recipients of knowledge but active participants in their own education. Recognition of their efforts, not in a materialistic sense, but through a sense of self-accomplishment, forms the foundation of this positive atmosphere. Building relationships and rapport with students is equally crucial, establishing a sustainable and supportive backdrop for effective learning.

In the realm of pedagogy, I find visual learning, case studies, and quizzes to be powerful tools. These methods not only engage students but also cater to diverse learning styles. By dividing my classes into slots that allow for the exploration of various topics, I accommodate different teaching styles, fostering an environment where each student can thrive.

Assessment, in my perspective, goes beyond mere scores; it serves as a gauge for the retention of concepts and skills. I strive to assess not only what has been learned but also how well the knowledge has been internalized and applied. This nuanced approach to assessment ensures a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, technology emerges as a valuable ally. I view technology as an enhancement, making learning more accessible and engaging for both me and my students. Its integration allows for a dynamic and interactive learning experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Teaching a diverse group of students from various cultural backgrounds has been an enlightening experience. It is not just about imparting knowledge but also about unraveling the rich tapestry of cultures that make up our world. In teaching social science, I take the opportunity to explore and celebrate the uniqueness of each culture, fostering an appreciation for our shared humanity.

As an educator, my commitment extends beyond the classroom. Each session becomes an opportunity not only to teach to the best of my ability but also to learn—from understanding child psychology to unraveling new concepts. This reciprocal process of teaching and learning is what fuels my passion for education and ensures that each classroom experience is a journey of mutual growth and discovery.

Infused with insights from bioinformatics, my teaching philosophy underscores the profound impact of even the tiniest contributions. Like the intricate dance of molecules shaping life, every student's unique journey enriches the collective educational tapestry. This awareness humbles me, instilling a sense of responsibility as a teacher to nurture their individual potential within the cosmic dance of learning."

-- Vijaysaumini (Shalu) Jaiswal

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