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Meet Ms. Miriam, Our Teacher of the Month!

Miriam Bonney teaches math here at TTK. She currently lives in Virginia, USA, where she is attending Southern Virginia University. There, she has been an intern in the SVU photography department and president of the Habitat for Humanity Club, which coordinates volunteers to help build houses for families that cannot afford them.

Recently, Miriam has enjoyed running more in an effort to train for her fourth marathon in November of this year. She also loves participating in extreme obstacle course races, like the Savage Race and Spartan. She just started henna art recently and tries to practice whenever she finds the time. She is looking forward to visiting India this summer to help teach Indian children English.

In her free time, Miriam can be found rollerblading, designing, or taking photos. She loves working with the students she's met through all her TTK classes and has enjoyed seeing them grow over the past few years.

*Miriam would like to note that the bucket she was carrying weighed 60 lbs (27.22 kg).

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