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Meet MiAnjela, Our Student of the Month!

We are so excited to introduce MiAnjela,one of our spectacular Thinkers here at TTK!

MiAnjela’s favorite dish is Rice, Beans, and Chicken (Haitian style) which is much enjoyed in her family's home. Purple and Blue are the two colors that exemplify her character. Purple is the color of her favorite gem, Amethyst, and ocean blue, as she states, puts her in a peaceful mood. She finds Science to be very fascinating and would like to be an Astronaut someday. Some of her favorite games to play are “Hide and seek” as well as “Sorry” (board game). In her spare time, she likes to borrow library books and make arts and crafts.

Christmas is her favorite holiday because it was the day when Jesus Christ was born.  Without It, she says there would be no other holidays. iPlay America, which is an indoor amusement park is her favorite place to visit. Her least favorites thing to eat for lunch is salad. MiAnjela’s true talent is the gift of protecting those she loves while creating a warm environment for them.

Goals – By 2024, she hopes to accomplish something amazing. As she states, “I want to save up my money and eventually get to $2,000 so that I can spend $50 on things I want and $50 on things I need. I will still have some money left over to put in a bank account."

We are so happy to have MiAnjela as part of TTK! She is a shining light in the classroom.

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