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Meet Kimi, Our Student of the Month!

We are so glad to have Kimi as a part of TTK! Her full name is Kimimila Zi, which means yellow butterfly in Lakota.

Some facts about Kimi include:

  • She loves pizza, BBQ ribs, rice, and pastas, but hates cheese!

  • Her favorite color is pink. She loves to play Pokémon on her Nintendo switch and Pikachu is her favorite!

  • She loves to travel, especially to France to visit her Nana (grandmother) and great grandma. During her trips all over the us and Canada she enjoys collecting souvenirs. She loves stuffed animals.

Kimi is Native American and has family in both Europe and Canada. She has been traveling since she was born, and speaks English, French and Lakota (Sioux Nation). She enjoys her native culture, dances at cultural events, and participating in ceremonies.

Her goal is to someday overcome dyslexia. She takes a lot of extra classes every week with a special tutor. Also, she wants to become a vet to help all the animals and a dance teacher to share her passion for dancing.

She loves TTK classes and absolutely love the teachers and her classmates. She says it is the best thing about TTK. Meeting people from all over. Her favorite subject is math, and she loves doing crafts.

Kimi is kind and caring and loves to help other. She is always advocating against bullying and racism.

P.S. She also wanted to add her favorites places are California, Disney parks, mall of America and Bryce canyon and Yellowstone national parks.

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