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 Language Arts 


“My spelling is wobbly.

It's good spelling but it wobbles and the letters get in the wrong places.”

Image by Tong Nguyen van

Recommended for ages 6 and up


Semester One (Sep 15-Jan 26)

  • All About Me: Personal Narratives (Sep 15-Oct 6)

  • Once Upon a Time… - Short Stories (Oct 13-Nov 3)

  • Incredible Stories of Incredible People: Biography (Nov 10-Dec 8)

  • Adventure Awaits! - Teach Me Something New and Create a Flyer (Jan 5-26)


Semester Two (Feb 3-May 26)

  • Fantastic Explanations: Fable Writing (Feb 3-24)

  • Family Yarns: Communication and Family Stories (Mar 3-24)

  • You Have a Voice: Introduction to Persuasive Writing (Mar 31-Apr 28)

  • Animal Explorations: Research Paper (May 5-26)

Image by Aaron Burden

Recommended for ages 9 and up

Semester One (Sep 13-Jan 24)

  • Syntax: Understanding the Sentence (Sep 13-Oct 4)

  • Speak Up! - Persuasive Writing and Developing the Paragraph (Oct 11-Nov 1)

  • Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes: The Five Senses and Descriptive Writing (Nov 8-Dec 6)

  • Writing for The Times: Journalism (Jan 3-24)


Semester Two (Jan 31-May 23)

  • The Night the Clock Went Backwards: Writing Historic Letters and Journal Entries (Jan 31-Feb 21)

  • Oh, the Places We’ll Go! - Poetry (Feb 28-Mar 21)

  • Could You Be More Pacific? - Marine Life Research Paper (Mar 28-Apr 25)

  • There’s Something Under the Rug: Short Stories (May 2-23)

Image by Green Chameleon

Recommended for ages 11 and up

Semester One (Sep 15-Jan 26)

  • Historic Events: Persuasive Writing (Sep 15-Nov 3)

  • Rhyme and Reason: Understanding Poetry (Nov 10-Jan 26)


Semester Two (Feb 2-May 25)

  • The World and Its Language: Research Paper (Feb 2-Mar 23)

  • Strange Happenings in Romania: Short Stories and the Descriptive Essay (Mar 30-May 25)

Image by Gift Habeshaw

Recommended for ages 13 and up

Semester One (Sep 13-Jan 24)

  • Poetry Workshop: Sharpen Your Vision (Sep 13-Nov 1)

  • The Art of Persuasion (Nov 8-Jan 24)

Semester Two (Jan 31-May 23)

  • Write Your Best-Selling Narrative! (Jan 31-Mar 21)

  • Ace Your Research Paper (Mar 28-May 23)

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